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If you have concerns regarding your child's progress at school, a full educational assessment can identify a range of learning problems, including dyslexia, and provide you with detailed information on your child's learning strengths and weaknesses. 

This can then lead to the correct learning support being provided to improve their results.

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Repeating fails to help struggling students: report

Read the details of a recent Australian study on the implication of having you child repeat a year at school.
ABC News Story

WARNING - Dyslexia Assessments

Assessments must be administered in person by a qualified professional.
Dyslexia can only be identified through the used of specialised tests ONLY available to two groups of professionals:
1. Teachers with post-graduate special education and dyslexia training including the administration of psychometric tests.
2. Educational psychologists with a specialisation in dyselxia.

If anyone is offering you do-it-yourself testing; checklists or Skype assessments - RUN in the opposite direction.


Vision Australia

Library available to children and adults with dyslexia.
Following diagnosis DTS can refer you for library membership.
Service available to convert educational material to alternate formats.

Wooden Letters

Wooden letters are essential for multisensory teaching in Prep to Year 2.
See our online shop for the best British wooden letters used for dyslexic students.

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